Wide-width shoe shopping essential guides for men 2023!

Shopping for wide feet is about as embarrassing as forgetting to bring bug spray on a camping vacation. If you allow it, it can easily destroy a whole weekend. However, we can assure you that having broad feet does not limit you to a limited number of shoe types. That’s genuine experience speaking. All you need is a strategy before you visit the stores or start putting orders online, and you’ll be able to purchase some of the top shoes for wide feet men on the market.
Don’t worry, pals; we’ve got your back. As the title suggests, we put up this guide to assist you navigate the brutal world of shoe purchasing for large feet.

Wide-width shoe shopping

How to Use Our Men’s Shoe Width Chart:

  • Trace the contour of your foot using a sheet of paper and a pen (you can wear the socks you typically wear with shoes, but no additional footwear).
  • Take a ruler and measure the breadth of your foot at its broadest point.
  • Locate your shoe size on our shoe width chart, then your measured width on the same row.
  • Locate the matching “Standard Width” at the top of the column. You can now see your desired width as well as all of the size codes that go with it.

How to Determine If You Have Wide Feet:

Simply measuring your feet can tell you if they are too broad. Unfortunately, no universal width measuring chart exists to help you identify what width you require from any shoe manufacturer and follow the instruction which are given on shoe maina to select width wider shoes for Men.

Wide-width shoe shopping
While basic and uncomplicated, our recommendation is to evaluate if your present shoe width is too narrow for you. For example, if you bought from a well-known brand, your width is most likely a B. (standard). Look inside the shoe, on the tongue, or on the side of the top to confirm this.

If you feel your feet are being squashed in, move up in width, thus a wide is the next width up, and so on. Fortunately, many online shoe stores offer reasonable shipping and return policies that allow for swaps if the fit isn’t right.

Wide-width shoe shopping

However, if the company you’re buying from offers a width chart, here’s how to use it.

Trace the outline of both feet, one at a time, on a sheet of paper on an even surface. Then, calculate the distance between the widest areas of each foot.

How is width determined?

The following three elements are taken into account while determining shoe width:

  • the length of one’s foot
  • the distance measured between the two broadest places on the foot, i.e. the outside edge of the foot and the inner edge of the forefoot region (known as ball width).
  • the diameter of the instep (known as instep girth).

Wide-width shoe shopping

Wide width shoes are broader across the toe box, deeper from top to bottom, and feature a roomy instep to accommodate wide or swollen feet.


The size of a person’s feet fluctuates with time. This is related to a combination of variables such as age, pregnancy, weight increase, fluid retention, and others. That is why, before purchasing new shoes online, you should always measure your foot. This is simple to accomplish at home. It is critical to understand that there is no uniform shoe size standard. Because shoe sizes vary from maker to manufacturer, it’s a good idea to know the length of your foot in cm and consult the trademark’s size chart before purchasing shoes.

Wide-width shoe shopping

  1. Wrap a soft, flexible tape measure, such as tailor’s tape, firmly around the widest area of your foot, being careful not to overtighten. Place your foot on the floor and distribute your weight like you would while standing normally.
  2. Holding a pencil or erasable pen perpendicular to the floor, measure the width of your foot at its broadest point on the tape.
  3. Use the shoe charts on this page to determine your width.

Do you lack a tape measure? Just a length of string will suffice. Simply mark the string and measure its length with a ruler.

Steps you need to follow!

  1. Place your foot on the paper.
  2. Holding your pen vertically, make a dot where your heel and longest toe meet.
  3. With your ruler, measure the distance between the two dots.
  4. Calculate the length of your foot. Take measurements in centimeters.
  5. Repeat the process with your other foot.

Wide-width shoe shopping

Guide to Buying Wide and Extra Wide Shoes:

Finding comfortable yet beautiful footwear may be difficult, especially if you have broad or unusually large feet. However, you should never settle with ordinary footwear. It is not a good idea to believe that you will ultimately stretch them out, or to wear them despite of the pain and suffering they may cause. Your feet will suffer, and you’ll be back where you started: looking for wide shoes to buy. Another thing to remember is that our feet are one of the many aspects of our bodies that change as we age.

Wide-width shoe shopping

Men’s Wide Width Shoes:

When you go shoe shopping, you search for style as well as a comfortable fit. We provide a large collection of men’s wide width shoes, including wide fit shoes and extra wide shoes, as well as wide boots. Men’s wide width shoes, like our other shoes and boots, are loaded with comfort technology, with more cushioning, breathable linings, and bottoms that keep you walking comfortably all day. Shoe maina is the website to guide for trendy and comfy wide shoes.

Wide-width shoe shopping

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Wide-width shoe shopping

Discover comfy wide-width shoes:

One of the most difficult issues when looking for a nice pair of wide width shoes is finding a pair that is both attractive and comfortable, as there are typically few design alternatives for suitable dress shoes for broad feet.
Orthopedic shoes for men and women range from casual Mary Janes and sophisticated heels to boat shoes and formal Oxfords and are biomechanically constructed with distinct comfort characteristics.
Our collections are available in a number of styles and colors in wide, extra wide, and extra-extra-wide widths in select styles. For 60 days, you may try on Orth foot wide width shoes risk-free! If you are dissatisfied, just return them for a full refund.

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