How to remove paint on shoes?2022 Super Simple Methods

Paint stains on shoes may appear tough to remove, particularly if they have dried. Fortunately, depending on the type of paint, you may remove paint stains from your shoes using different removal processes.

Whether the paint is oil-based or water-based, removing spilled paint from your shoes can be a challenging operation. Depending on the nature of your shoes, some stains could be more difficult to remove. If you have new shoes, a beloved pair, or an expensive brand, it may be worthwhile to try to remove the paint marks. Remember that the keys to success are patience and effort on your side, as well as the correct cleaning products.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks

Methods for removing paint spots from shoes:

  • Soak a clean cloth in water for a few minutes. Use this to remove any remaining wet paint off the shoe.
  • Rinse the shoe with warm water to remove any remaining paint.
  • Brush away paint from the shoe sole using an old toothbrush.
  • In a bucket, combine 1 part dish soap and 1 part warm water to make a solution. Before blotting the stain, soak a sponge or cloth in the soapy solution and squeeze away the excess moisture. Repeat the method until the majority of the paint has been removed.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks

  • Pour a little quantity of nail polish remover onto a cotton ball and gently wipe until the paint is completely gone. Warm water should be used to rinse the shoe.
  • Wash the shoes in cold water on the delicate cycle in the washing machine.
  • Allow the shoes to dry naturally.
  • Apply the nail polish remover and acetone mixture to the shoes using a cotton ball. Gently massage the spots, and you will find that all of the dry paint will eventually fall off.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks


The most difficult is removing paint from suede shoes, but the technique is the same for oil-based or water-based paint stains you can find on our website shoe maina.

Step 1: Remove Wet Paint
Blot lightly with a clean towel to remove as much of the wet paint as possible.

Step 2: Use Soap to Clean
To make frothy bubbles and suds, dissolve a tiny amount of dish soap in warm water. Scoop up the soap suds and gently wipe them into the paint with a clean towel to remove the paint. Wipe with a dry towel and allow to dry fully.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks

Step 3: Delete
To remove paint, rub a pencil eraser in the direction of the suede’s grain. Remove eraser crumbs by hand.

4th Step: Dry Brush
To dislodge dried paint, gently swipe a clean, dry toothbrush, fingernail brush, or shoe brush across the stain.

Step 5: Save your work.
To remove any leftover paint, use a fingernail file or fine-grit sandpaper with a grain of 220 or higher.

6th Step: Dry Brush
To lift and restore the nap, use a shoe brush or a dry toothbrush.

There are two techniques for removing glitter craft paint:

1. Using hot water – let the hot water to soften the hardened paint before scraping it off with a butter knife.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks

2. Dish soap or a degreasing chemical can also be used. Apply it immediately on the dried glitter craft paint and scrape with a brush until all of the paint has been removed off the canvas shoes.

Other Methods to get rid of stains:

There have been reports of people using acetone excessively and causing the midsole to degrade.

  • So, if you’re not sure how to utilize acetone, this simple approach is ideal.
  • Go to a sink or anywhere where you can receive hot water. Turn on the hot water and begin to moisten the midsole. The hot water will cause the paint to become brittle, making it easier to peel off.
  • Some people use their nails, but I would start chipping the paint with anything sharp.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks

Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Before using nail paint remover on your leather shoes, perform a patch test. Because nail paint remover has a propensity to remove the color from certain leather.
  2. When using any product that contains alcohol, remember to condition the shoes since alcohol dries out the shoe material, particularly leather. Conditioning is therefore essential to avoid cracking.
  3. Do not rub the paint after applying any liquid to the shoes; instead, gently wipe or dab on the stain.
  4. When applying alcohol on your shoes, keep away from fires.

 how to remove paint on shoes tips and tricks


Shoes are intended to decorate your feet, so why allow unsightly paint stains detract from their beauty? And now you know that removing dried paint stains from shoes is not impossible, and you can quickly remove them by following a few simple procedures on our website shoe maina.

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