What kind of paint to use on shoes? Tips and Tricks

Paint Shoes:

Having difficulties picking what type of paint to put on your shoes? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

When most people begin their shoe collection, they want to begin customizing. Most folks don’t know where to start or what colors to use when they understand what it takes to personalize.

paint to use on shoe

So, in this post, we’ll go through the finest paints and brands for adding a bright color to your kicks. Let’s get this party started.

Getting ready to paint shoes:

When painting shoes, you must prepare the surface to guarantee that the paint adheres to the surface, but various surfaces require different preparation.

what kind of paint on shoes

Methods How to use paint on shoes: 
  •  Leather shoe preparation
  • Getting Synthetic Surface Shoes Ready (like vinyl)
  • Preparing canvas shoes ready for painting
  • Get your shoe soles ready
  • Prime the  shoes surface for painting
  • Before painting your shoes, create an artwork for them on paper
  • Apply the drawing on the shoe
  • Mask off any sections that will not be painted
  • You should paint your shoes
  • Before sealing the paint, correct any faults.
  • Your shoes’ paint should be sealed

Which Is Better: Leather Paint, Spray Paint, or Fabric Paint?

The paint you choose on your shoes will be determined by the materials used to make them. Spray paints, in general, will dry faster on leather and vinyl because of their glossy surface.

Using a brush on certain sorts of shoes may result in lines being left behind, making the shoes seem worse than they were before you began painting them.

what kind of paint to use on shoes

You might also use leather paint on leather and vinyl shoes. There should be no streaks, and you have greater control over the paint than when spraying it.

5 Excellent Shoe Paint Products:
You’re probably wondering what items to use now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of painting your shoes.

Before making a purchase, it is critical to inspect the color and how it dries. This ensures there will be no surprises when your shoes dry.

paint to use on shoes

I performed some research and discovered some of the best paints available, so you can be confident that you’re selecting a product that will benefit you.

what type of paint should be used on shoes?

In general, below are the many types of paint and the shoe materials that work best with them:

  • Leather or vinyl shoes with spray paint
  • Canvas shoes with fabric paint
  • Leather, canvas, and vinyl shoes with acrylic paint

what kind of paint to use on shoes

For leather or vinyl shoes, use leather or spray paint, whereas fabric paint is appropriate for cloth or canvas shoes. Paint pens should be used to draw out more elaborate designs on shoes before applying the proper types of paint.

Acrylic paint is the finest and most adaptable form of paint to use on shoes among the alternatives discussed above. It’s simple to apply, sticks to a variety of surfaces, and dries in a matter of hours. Acrylic paint is the preferred medium for painting on leather, vinyl, and canvas.

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what kind of paint to use on shoes

Finish up!
I hope you found my guide on how to paint shoes useful. If you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact Us page or on Instagram.

Remember that painting shoes requires time to dry, so be patient with yourself and have fun! And if you enjoyed what we said today, please share this post with all of your artist friends on social media.

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