How to Wash Hey Dude Insoles? 2 Best Ways 2023

Most shoes are cleaned in the washer machine except these shoes, which are made with leather and suede materials.

How to Clean/Wash Hey Dude?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:Follow these steps for washing, hey dude :

  • Take off the laces and insoles.
  • Use a liquid detergent.
  • Set the washer timer for one cycle only.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Dry them with the air or dryer.

How to wash Hey Dude insoles?

The significance of the insole:

The insoles of shoes play a very important role in the feet’ warmth and comfort. The insoles are made from recycled materials, so you can wash them on a daily basis without any side effects. So, safety and cleanliness are the most important factors for keeping you comfortable while walking. Insoles provide weight distribution, protection and prevention from arthritic joints, foot pain, back pain, and neck pain.

Insoles make your walking more flexible and enhance comfortability. This will provide you with arch support and reduce the muscles’ exhaustion. If you have a question about insoles If you make my shoes tight, then you should choose the best and most comfortable insoles while purchasing them. Select these insoles that fit your foot size. Are insoles bad for your feet? Of course not. They are designed to be in your comfort zone.

Follow These method for washing the Hey Dude insoles:

1st Method:


Mix the water and soap. Scrubbing the shoes with this mixture because the mixture of water is best to remove dust and outgoing odour that is held by the insoles. You can also use any detergent instead of soap. Take a brush and continue your scrubbing until all the dust has been completely removed from your insoles. After scrubbing and being sure that you completely cleaned all the dust, there will be uncertainty. Wash with hot water and dry them.


Put an equal amount of water and alcohol in the bottle. Keep sharking until they are completely mixed. After making this spray, separate the insoles from the shoes. and sprayed this mixture on the insoles and rubbed them with your hands. Wash and dry them in your preferred method.


Deodorizing is a dry cleaner’s activity. You can spray it after washing the insoles because it keeps the fragrance.

2nd Method:

Wash the insoles in the washing machine:

Separate the insoles from the shoes and Use any liquid detergent. Put this detergent in the washer machine’s water. The washing machine’s cycle’s completion depends on the insoles’ condition. After completing the cycle, watch the shoes with cold water and avoid putting them in the dryer because heat will harm them.

How to wash memory foam insoles?
  • Brushing the dirt off
  • Try DIY cleaning lotion.
  • Start the cleaning process
  • Wipe the soapy water off
  • Dry the shoes and in-soles.
How to Wash Hey Dude Shoe Insoles?
  • Remove the insoles from the hey dude shoes (by tapping the soles together or dusting with newspaper or a soft cloth).
  • Put the insoles in warm water (you can also mix a few drops of detergent in the warm water).
  • Apply a little amount of detergent to the insole.
  • Scrub this detergent on the insole with a brush(any type of brush you can get).
  • Wash the insoles with water.
  • Dry the insoles(by dryer or air),
  • After completely drying, put these insoles back into the shoes.
How to clean the insoles of sandals?

This is one of the most sensitive methods for cleaning the sandals because they are made with soft material. Only one wrong step will damage their look. So we have a way to clean the insoles of your sandals. Just follow it.

Take these products:

  • A wipe
  • The spray
  • The powder
  • The solutions
  • Soap in liquid form
  • Inner soft conditioner
  • Spray for cleaning shoes
  • Hydrogen peroxide (only for hard shoes)
  • Diluted fabric-based solution (for fabric shoes)
Let’s start the process:
  • The newspaper should be laid out on the floor, and your sandals should be placed on the newspaper.
  • Dip a soft brush in the mixture that you have chosen to clean your insoles.
  • Take it from the toe mark to the heel mark.
  • Keep your hands soft because sandal insoles are very delicate.
  • Clean the insoles with a wet cloth after removing the marks.
  • After the whole process, dry them and put them on again.


1) Should I wear insoles for flat feet?

Yes, it will give you many benefits, like restoring balance and helping you relieve the pain that is caused by flat feet. The insoles are best for those who are facing foot posture problems(high arches).

2) Can you wear shoes without insoles?

It is not recommended because wearing shoes without insoles causes plantar fasciitis( an injury that is faced mostly in runners and it is caused when tissue along the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed).

3) Can insoles make shoes fit better?

No, it doesn’t play any role in the shoe’s size, like making it tight, loose, or fitting. It just provides a comfortable walk.

4) How to clean insoles that are glued?

Turn the dryer to high heat and run it through the insoles of your shoes.

5) Can I wash the insoles in the washing machine?

I don’t recommend it because washing insoles in the machine will cause them to lose their shape.


You should always keep your insoles in good condition. Following one of the given methods for cleaning the insoles, We recommended the method of washing the insoles by hand. Avoid washing the insoles with your machine. We are sure our given method would be liked by you. Thanks for reading our post!

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