How to shrink shoes? Best Tips and Tricks 2022

How to Shrink Shoes? It might be difficult to find shoes that fit, extract and complement your style. Whether your shoes are slightly too big or too small, you may shrink them to make them fit better.

By soaking the cloth with heat, you may shrink leather, suede, and canvas shoes. Inserts can help structural shoes like boots, heels, dress shoes, and sneakers fit better

By wetting through the cloth with heat, you may shrink leather, suede, and canvas shoes. If your shoes are too big and don’t fit properly, there are a few different methods and tips on our website that you can use to reduce and repair them to fit your foot. 

how to shrink shoes methods

Your shoes may be overly big due to stretching, or you may be attempting to downsize some “hand-me-downs” for your next of kin. Whatever your cause, we have a solution for you.

How to Shrink the Size of Your Shoes:

This advice is for you if you have feet that are a strange in-between size or if the shoes you bought are just a little too big for you. With these suggestions, you can get your new shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

It is costly to get your shoes repaired by a cobbler, especially if you have recently purchased them. Depending on the sort of shoe you are wearing, expert modifications may not be possible.

how to shrink shoes methods

These methods are suitable if the shoe size in stores is only a half-size or slightly larger than what you require. You should consider any size larger than the whole shoe size, however.

Determine Which Parts of Your Shoes Will Shrink:

Before repairing a pair of shoes, you must first determine which pieces need to be shrunk.

You may discover that the toe or breadth of the shoe does not suit your foot. As a result, if you shrink the entire shoe, the areas that currently fit your foot may become smaller, and you may have to discard the entire shoe.

Put on the shoes and test them on to see what needs to be shrunk. Do the sides of the shoe need to be trimmed to prevent slippage when running? Is it necessary to decrease the toe region to avoid blisters? Consider these concerns before considering how to handle shoe alterations.

how to shrink shoes methods

The first step you must take is to try on your shoes and identify which areas do not suit your feet. Hold your boots on and take a few steps to determine which area of the shoe does not contact your foot. Then highlight certain regions to make them smaller.

When attempting to reduce or improve the fit of your shoes, the following procedures are recommended:

  • Making use of a dryer
  • Using a hair dryer
  • Making use of natural heat
  • Putting on thick socks
  • Making use of a cushion or insole

Fantastic Simple Methods on how to shrink shoes:

Going to a cobbler to mend your shoes is an expensive way to pay for shoes that you previously paid a lot of money for. It may not even be possible to have a professional make changes depending on the type of shoes.

how to shrink shoes methods

If the size available in shoe stores is simply a half size or a little larger, these techniques will be enough. 

How to Heat Shrink Shoes:

The best technique for shrinking shoes is with a little heat and water. Begin by massaging water into the appropriate region of the shoe. Take care not to wet it. You should not allow water to enter the shoe.

Avoid getting your insoles wet since this can lead to a musty stench as well as moulid. If this occurs, we have several shoe techniques that can assist.

Wet the shoe with a hairdryer to reduce it to a smaller size. Keep the dryer six inches away from the surface to avoid hurting suede and leather shoes.

how to shrink shoes methods

Step 1:  Moisten the region to be shrunk with cold water first. It is important to note that you should just make the shoe’s surface damp, not soggy.

Step 2:  Heat the shoe using a dryer to shrink it. Heat the dryer to medium. Then, pat dry the wet area. To avoid losing the color of canvas shoes and injuring leather shoes, keep the dryer about 15–20 cm away from them.

Step 3: Put on and try on your shoes. If the shrinking regions remain loose, continue the procedure until you’re happy.

Other Methods for Shoe Shrinkage:

Rather than modifying the shoes themselves, sometimes the only option to make extremely large shoes feel smaller is to close the area inside the shoes. Wearing thick socks to compensate for the excess space is a simple method on our website shoe maina to do this.

how to shrink shoes methods

These extra clothing items not only provide cushioning for the foot to stay in position, but they also act as an additional restriction to prevent blisters. Thicker socks, on the other hand, do not work with dress shoes or loafers.

Final Thoughts on Making a Shoe Smaller:

When purchasing shoes, attempt to get the proper size if at all feasible. When it isn’t an option, making the shoes smaller is.

how to shrink shoes methods

When it comes to reducing shoes, these various ways are simple tasks that you may complete at home. Which techniques have you tried? Please let us know in the comments section below. These simple procedures can help you locate the ideal match you’ve been looking for.

With so many different ways to shrink shoes, the solution is much closer than you think, regardless of the sort of shoes you buy. So, go ahead and get those new shoes without hesitation, or use these easy ways to save an old pair.

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