Steps to Learning 2022 How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Do you know how to dry shoes in the dryer the most efficiently?

To be honest, I was worried about how to dry shoes in the dryer until I discovered the correct solution.

After washing a few pairs of shoes, I realized that drying shoes is not as simple as drying clothes in the dryer. It takes some effort and time, or the shoes will be thrown away.

However, even drying the shoes causes a lot of trouble, such as making a terrible racket as they bounce around inside the dryer. So you’ll need patience to dry your shoes.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Procedure to dry your shoes in dryer:

Look at the Shoe Labels

Before drying your shoes in the dryer, check the label to see if the manufacturer accepts this. The label should be on your shoe’s heels or inside the tongue, and manufacturers use different symbols to guide you on what’s acceptable for each shoe. A square, for example, represents drying, while a circle within a square represents tumble drying.

Consider the Material of Your Shoes

If your shoes lack these symbols, you can use the materials to determine whether you can dry them in a dryer or not. Canvas, cotton, nylon, and polyester shoes are safe to dry.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Set the dryer

appropriate settings so that it can work faster while not damaging your shoes. First, set the dryer to delicate or low heat. However, if you have a modern dryer with an air-dry setting, you won’t need to worry about these settings. Also, if your dryer has independent temperature settings, make sure they are set to low to avoid damaging your shoes.

Put your shoes in the dryer.

You must then place your shoes in the dryer. If you have laces on your shoes, tie them together and place them next to one another. Make a knot to secure the shoes together.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Tumble dry low or air dry

Air dry or tumble dry low your shoes. Tumble dry low is the lowest heat setting available, and air dry uses no heat. Both of these options will effectively dry your shoes without causing shrinkage or melting. When using the dryer to dry your shoes, avoid using tumble dry medium and tumble dry high.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Examine Your Shoes

Check your shoes periodically in the dryer to ensure that they are not over drying. To avoid over drying, remove the shoes from the dryer while they are still slightly moist.

Alternatives for Drying Shoes:

Air Drying:

On a hot day, tie your shoes together and hang them to dry on a clothesline to save money on your power bill. This is especially good for white shoes since UV rays from the sun assist to brighten them.

Invest in a Fan:

If your shoes are wet, place them in front of or near a fan. The fan’s breeze will speed up the drying process, as will the improved air movement in the space.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

Utilize a Blow Dryer.

If you use a blow dryer to dry your shoes, lower the heat down or just use it for a limited length of time.

Keeping the Dryer and Your Shoes Safe:

Do not put your shoes in the dryer. If you’ve ever put a pair of shoes in the dryer, you’ve probably heard the loud pounding sound they produce. You should not put loose shoes in the dryer since the repetitive banging can harm both the interior and exterior of the machine.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!

If you can’t hang the shoes with the laces against the door, consider wrapping them in a mesh laundry bag. To avoid the shoes from rubbing against the machine, place the bag in the dryer with several towels.

These tips will help you dry your athletic shoes safely and quickly in the dryer. then follow our website shoe maina to get more information related to shoes. Limit the amount of times you use the machine to dry your shoes. If you put your shoes in the dryer on occasion, they are unlikely to be destroyed. However, the fabric and soles of the shoes will shrink or warp when they are machine dried.
Alternate between air drying and machine drying your shoes whenever feasible.

Steps to Learning How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer!


  • Make sure the shoes are clean. You may machine wash and spin them to remove extra water before putting them in the dryer.
  • If the shoes have detachable insoles, remove them before washing and drying to avoid warping.

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