How to clean white socks? Simple steps 2022

If you have white socks, you should know how to clean them. It may appear easy, but if they are not cleaned correctly, they will become unclean over time.

White socks are ideal for wearing since they go with almost any outfit. Is a wonderful and simple way to add a splash of color and spice up your ensembles, especially for women.

White socks may be used for both casual and formal occasions. They’re light and easy to put on.

You will have numerous opportunity to present yourself in the best light if you wear white socks.

When you wear white socks on a daily basis, they get yellow from sweat and from your shoes around the home and you will get best information on our website shoe maina. It is essential to keep them clean not just for your own hygiene but also to ensure that they endure as long as possible.

how to clean white socks


Before we go into how to wash the grey away, there are a few things you can do to make your white socks last longer:

  • Wear them for no more than one day and wash them frequently.
  • Which cleaning procedure you employ should be determined by the material of your socks.
  • Be cautious not to rub your socks too hard, since this might cause them to lose their form.
  • Always wash your white socks separately from your colored apparel.
  • Soaking socks before washing is frequently the most efficient approach to remove stubborn grime.

how to clean white socks



Only one wash of your faded white socks with baking soda will result in snow-white socks. Soak your soiled socks in a tub of warm water that has been mixed with baking soda to whiten them. Allow them to soak for a few hours before washing with standard detergent and a bit additional baking soda. Remember that the baking soda may harden the fabric, so add a cup of white vinegar when washing to keep your socks supple.

how to clean white socks


Boiling your socks is another tried and true way for restoring their whiteness. Fill a big pan halfway with water, half a cup of lemon juice, laundry detergent, and your socks. Bring the water to a boil, then set your socks aside to simmer for 15-20 minutes. Then, take them out, wring them thoroughly, and place them in the washing machine for a regular wash. This method is not suitable for wool socks. They require a softer soak in lukewarm water.


Vinegar is a fantastic cleaning solution that may be used to remove all types of stains. If you have white socks, for example, you can use vinegar to remove the stain. It works flawlessly.

how to clean white socks

To clean a white sock, combine a little vinegar with water to get the proper concentration.

Soak it in water with vinegar in a 3:1 vinegar-to-water ratio. Allow the sock to soak in the liquid for up to two hours before rinsing it. Then, as normal, run it through the washing machine to remove the stains.

Boric acid:

Soak your garments in a boric acid solution before washing them. 1 tablespoon boric acid per liter of water (sold in pharmacies in the form of a powder or alcohol solution). Soak white socks in the mixture for a couple of hours. After this procedure, any dirt should be easy to remove. Simply start the normal washing cycle in your washing machine.

how to clean white socks


If ammonia is your preferred cleaning solution, you may also use it to clean your dirty socks. A solution of ammonia and alcohol softens the water, limits the action of magnesium on the cloth, and keeps white goods, especially socks, from becoming yellow. A gallon of water requires six teaspoons of ammonia. Soak the socks in the mixture for two hours before washing.

Detergent for Laundry:

All you need is a little lemon juice and detergent to come closer to whiter socks.
Soak the socks in warm water and lemon juice. Work in a drop of washing soap into the socks. Concentrate on the unclean spots. Place the socks in a plastic bag and seal it. Allow them to sit overnight. Wash as usual.

how to clean white socks

Lemon Juice :

If you don’t already have some lemons in your house, lemon juice is both inexpensive and simple to obtain.

Lemon is well-known for its ability to remove stubborn stains and leaving garments gleaming and smelling fresh. It can also kill any microorganisms remaining on your clothes.

The lemon juice method will also work on fading socks. Squeeze a lemon into a warm basin of water, then add your socks.

Allow the socks to soak in the lemony mixture for three hours before washing them on a regular cycle in your washing machine. They will appear brand new when they emerge!

how to clean white socks

Dishwashing Soap:

This is not what you expect. You’re not going to toss your socks in the washing machine with some laundry detergent and hope for the best. You will, however, use a different detergent. Soak white socks for an hour in one gallon of hot water and two teaspoons of dishwater detergent to make them extremely clean. Launder the socks and soaking solution in the washing as normal.

how to clean white socks

How to remove stain on white socks ? 

After using any of these stain remedies, wash the item as usual.

Using ingredients from your kitchen pantry, you may simply make an all-purpose, generic stain remover. Allow discolored item to soak in 1 part liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide before washing as normal.

how to clean white socks

Alternately, mix 1 cup lemon juice and 2 teaspoons powdered dishwashing detergent with your usual laundry detergent. This mixture is especially effective in removing dirt stains and brightening white socks.


Socks become filthy all the time. They are subjected to a variety of pollutants, including perspiration and what we tread on. We’ll teach you how to clean white socks and keep them clean and fresh in this article on our website shoe maina !

how to clean white socks

  • Baking powder
  • Water with Vinegar and Lemon
  • detergent for laundry
  • Dish detergent
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach

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